Airbnb Barn Conversion Roof Installation in Wimborne

We were recently approached by clients in Corfe Mullen to remove and replace an old roof that was sitting on their barn conversion Airbnb.

As this was a building that had been converted into a living space, the roof had to be thermally insulated and waterproof. Additionally, we had to be conscious of the timeframe of this project, as it meant that the space was unable to be used as accommodation.

The Project Outline

The old roof on this barn conversion was at the end of its life and had become warped, cracked and had leaks.

This project required us to remove the existing roof, flashings and plyboards and dispose of the waste before replacing it all.

before airbnb barn conversion
before barn conversion airbnb

What We Did

As with any of our projects, we started with a site visit. One of our experts visited the building to inspect the layout of the conversion, the roofing structure and the damage to the current roof.

While at the site, our staff member was able to learn more about how the building is used, which assisted in understanding the requirements needed for the roof. At this site visit, it was made clear that the client would appreciate a quick turnaround as this situation meant they were having to prevent bookings of the building on Airbnb.

With the knowledge from our site visit, we sent a quote and timeframe that we were confident we could stick to.

With the quote agreed, we arranged a date to start the work.

Once we arrived on-site, the first step involved the team removing the existing roof, flashings and plyboards, which were fixed to the timber roof frame. With all the material that needed removing off the roof, we took it away for disposal.

We put safety netting on the bottom of the roof and perimeter scaffolding around the building to protect our employees and anyone else in the area. In the unlikely event that someone fell or dropped any of the materials, this avoided injuries.

With the old roof gone, we were able to install the new one. To begin this process, we supplied and fitted new plyboards to the timber structure. Once these were in place, we installed new single-skin anti-condensation sheets across the length of the barn roof.

These sheets were chosen due to the requirements to keep the barn a thermally efficient and dry space for guests to be able to enjoy. Selecting an anti-condensation sheet means that our clients can be confident the building won’t suffer internal dampness as a result of condensation.

With the new sheets fitted, we finished the installation by fitting new ridge and verge flashings.

The timing of this project was critical because the clients had to close their Airbnb space for the duration of the project. Before starting any work, we agreed on a timeframe and worked with the client to find a suitable week when they were able to close without too much impact.

Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that we stuck to the timings, completing the job in just one week - despite bad weather.

airbnb roof replacement
airbnb roof installation
barn conversion roof installation

The End Result

The end result of this project was an appealing Airbnb with a new roof, which gave the building a new lease of life.

The clients were extremely happy with our work as they could re-open their bookings after just a week as we had stuck to our agreed timeframe. The whole project, from the initial point of contact, through to the completion was only three weeks.

The new roof fits in with the aesthetic of the rest of the building and keeps warmth in when needed while ensuring the space is cool during the summer months.

airbnb barn conversion roof installation
airbnb barn conversion roof installation Wimborne

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