Case Flashing Replacement in Christchurch

A recent storm caused a small amount of damage to the column case flashing on the exterior of a commercial building.

The company that owns the building, i-Fulfilment, is a leading international fulfilment provider, working with companies to efficiently fulfil orders.

i-Fulfilment contacted Crocker Cladding to see if we could repair the damage before it caused any problems.

The Project Outline

Poor weather conditions experienced over winter led to damage to the column cases flashing at the top of a commercial building.

While only a small repair, it was important to respond quickly as the flashing works to protect the structure from water damage.

The column in question was an integral part of the structure of the building, as it holds up the roof over a loading bay. The flashing had bent, risking water damage to the internal structure of the column.

case flashing replacement in Christchurch
case flashing replacement for i-Fulfilment

What We Did

The project was small and simple for the team at Crocker Cladding.

We supplied case flashing that matched the colour and style of the existing, undamaged column flashing.

With the materials sourced, we then fit the materials, seamlessly integrating with the flashing already on the column.

This only took our team half a day as they worked efficiently, using a Cherry Picker Mewp to access the column easily and safely.

The End Result

The client was pleased with the result, as we blended the new flashings with the older ones.

Additionally, our team responded quickly to the enquiry, minimising the risk of damage to the structure from water seeping in. Once on-site, we worked quickly, ensuring we weren't in the way of staff loading vehicles or trucks entering or exiting the premises.

case flashing replacement Christchurch
case flashings on exterior column

Small Job Specialists

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