Composite Roof & Cladding Installation for Old Lawn Farm, Witchampton

Old Lawn Farm is a farm near the village of Witchampton, Dorset. In October 2022, the owners tasked us with carrying out various upgrades on one of their on-site buildings. Our scope of work included replacing the existing roof sheets, adding cladding to one of the walls, and swapping out the old fire door with a high-quality replacement.

What We Did

1. Removing asbestos from the roof

After examining the building, we began by stripping the asbestos roof sheets off the timber frame and safely disposing of them.

Breathing in asbestos fibres can lead to serious health conditions like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and cancer, so it’s vital any building materials containing asbestos are removed.

removing asbestos

Once the old roof had been disposed of, we installed a composite roofing panel and perimeter flashings in its place. The new roof had a sleek silver design, helping modernise the look of the building.



composite roofing panel


2. Replacing the gable wall

Our next step was to move onto the gable wall. We fixed a metal frame to the existing timber to hold the new side sheets in place, then installed a layer of insulation to help the building achieve modern U-value standards.

We finished by installing single skin cladding across the wall. This shared the same colour and style as the new roof cladding, creating a tidy and cohesive external appearance.

replacing gable wall


gable wall installation


3. Replacing the fire escape door

Finally, we removed the existing fire escape door and swapped it for a high-security replacement.

The end result

Our team successfully completed the project in just three days, with the final result exceeding the client’s expectations. They were extremely pleased with the outcome and expressed their satisfaction with our work.

Not only does the new roof and wall cladding effectively shield the building from the elements, they’ve transformed its appearance from tired and dated to sleek and modern.

Our choice of robust, fade-resistant materials guarantees that the building's interior will stay well-protected, whilst the external façade will maintain its contemporary finish well into the future.

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