EuroClad Vieo Metal Roof System for Cottage in Holt

In October 2022, the owner of a small cottage in Holt, Norfolk asked us to install a new metal roof onto a low-rise section of their property. This would involve fitting a plywood frame, breather membrane, metal sheets, and finally perimeter seam sheets onto the existing timbers.

What We Did

1. Remove old roofing material

After carefully inspecting the building, we removed any old roofing materials in the target area and prepared it for the new roof to be installed.

To complement the cottage's existing design, we decided to install a EuroClad Vieo standing seam metal roof profile. This subtle roofing option would seamlessly blend in with the cottage’s existing aesthetic, whilst still providing the necessary durability and weather protection.

2. Prepare for the new roof

Our first step was to attach plywood boards to the existing timber rafters. These would act as a solid base for the roof sheets to fix onto. Before we installed the sheets, however, we took the necessary step of fitting a high-performance breather membrane.

This membrane would prevent the buildup of condensation, lengthening the lifespan of the roofing sheets and prevent potential damp issues. We could then finally move on to installing the metal sheets themselves.

metal roof installation

During installation

metal roof installation for cottage

3. Install new metal roofing sheets

The Vieo system consists of interlocking profiled metal sheets that suit a wide range of residential, commercial, and public building applications. As a manufactured sheet product, it’s much faster and less expensive to install than traditional roofing materials. Its wide pan and a classic look made it the ideal choice for the client’s cottage.

Our final step was to install colour-matched perimeter trims. These gave the roof a neat, finished appearance and provided further protection against weather damage.

metal roof system

The finished roof

metal roof system for cottage

The End Result

From start to completion, our team was able to complete this roofing project in just under a day. The owners were ecstatic with the speed and quality of our installation, and made their satisfaction with our work clear.

Aside from complementing the building’s external appearance, the new roof offers a high level of protection against the cold, wind, and rain. We selected robust and fade-resistant materials to ensure that the cottage remains well-protected and the roof maintains its appearance for years to come.

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