Roof and Wall Cladding for Direct Mini Mix Industrial Unit, Poole

The team at Crocker Cladding were contracted by Direct Mini Mix to refurbish one of the company’s on-site industrial units using our commercial cladding.

Located in Poole, Dorset, Direct Mini Mix supply concrete, aggregate, and screed, as well as a concrete pumping service throughout the local area. With a combination of both domestic and commercial clients, their Poole site is a busy location where much of the company’s loading takes place.

Due to the nature of their products and facilities, Direct Mini Mix require industrial buildings that are protected from the elements but still provide easy access to equipment and machinery. In order to increase the durability and protection of one of their existing buildings, the company contacted Crocker Cladding to renovate the structure’s exterior.

The Project Outline

The existing building was starting to show signs of its age, with its original cladding offering limited insulation and protection to the building. Our brief focused on fitting insulative cladding to the building that would ensure a weathertight structure – our speciality!

With better protection from the elements, Direct Mini Mix would also be able to get more use out of the unit and better protect their machinery and equipment. In addition, the new cladding would offer aesthetic benefits, elevating the appearance of the company’s site for years to come.

We were contacted for this project thanks to our reputation for protecting and renovating buildings, whilst improving their appearance, using high-quality insulative cladding.

crocker cladding direct mini mix

What We Did

Working over a two-week period, Crocker Cladding assessed and replaced all elements of the building’s exterior to create a durable, weathertight finish on the large unit.

We supplied and installed all roof and wall cladding, measuring and cutting the pieces to fit the unique building shape, leaving an opening that allowed Direct Mini Mix clear access to their machinery and equipment inside.

On top of replacing the cladding, we also installed perimeter and door flashings to create a seal that would keep wet weather out. To limit stress on the building’s exterior and control the runoff of rainwater, we also fitted a series of guttering and downpipes.

direct mini mix after

The End Result

Direct Mini Mix were very happy with the work we did for them, and were pleased to be able to trust in the integrity and security of their building in the future.

Not only was the building much better protected and insulated after we finished the project, but it had a fresh new appearance that helped boost the overall appearance of the site.

cladding for direct mini mix

Crocker Cladding Extend the Lifespan of Buildings

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As well as our exterior wall cladding and insulated roof replacements, we offer various flashings and rainscreen systems that both protect and enhance buildings.

At Crocker Cladding, we work on both residential and commercial properties, so whatever project you have in mind, why not get in touch?

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