Roof Installation at Ebblake Industrial Estate

We headed down to Ebblake Industrial Park in Verwood to replace a roof on one of their units.

The current roof contained asbestos, so Crocker Cladding were chosen because we can provide safe and licensed asbestos removal and disposal of a contaminated roof.

The Project Outline

The clients were looking for a roof replacement to remove the asbestos-contaminated roof they had that was leaking.

They didn't want to lose operational time while the roof was fitted, so we had to ensure we had equipment and plans to keep their employees safe while we worked.

roof installation at Ebblake Industrial Estate
asbestos roof removal
asbestos roof and disposal

What We Did

This project took around three weeks from start to finish.

The first step was a site visit from one of our experts to assess the current roof and access. This dictated the replacement roof we proposed and our action plan for completing the work.

At this survey, it was noted that there were going to be access challenges due to there being no parking spaces around the building and neighbouring buildings on either side of the unit.

As an experienced roof fitting team, we were able to solve this issue, creating a plan to work around the surrounding buildings.

When arriving on-site, we set up scaffolding and safety nets to ensure the safety of those working on the roof and those working below. We also installed debris nets internally so that the client and their staff could continue working on the building as we worked.

Using a forklift on site, we stripped the old, contaminated roof off. In doing this, we ensured we followed all health and safety regulations to keep our staff safe. This meant everyone on-site wore PPE, and the material was placed into an enclosed skip. The skip was collected by a qualified waste company from the site, who presented us with the relevant paperwork to prove that it was disposed of properly.

Of course, throughout this process, the client and staff were unable to occupy the building for their safety.

With the old, leaking roof removed and disposed of we used the forklift to place our supplied 120mm composite insulated roof panels. Our team finalised the fitting on the roof, working to ensure the current U-values were maintained. We achieved this by adding new ridge and verge flashings.

Thanks to the efficiency of our team and the collaboration and acceptance of the surrounding units and companies, we completed this roof replacement within a week.

roof installation Ebblake Industrial Estate
roof replacement Ebblake Industrial Estate
cladding roof at Ebblake Industrial Estate

The End Result

The project resulted in a new composite cladding roof fitted in place of an old leaking asbestos-filled roof.

Our team left the client extremely happy and with peace of mind that there was no longer a risk of asbestos to worry about.

Plus, the roof we had installed has a 20-year warranty, so in the unlikely event that they have problems or the roof is damaged in bad weather, they are fully covered for repairs.

The client commented "We used Joe and his team to replace our asbestos factory roof with composite cladding at Blackmore Road Verwood. They did a great job, very efficiently and competitively costed!

Definitely recommended, and we will use them again soon!”