Roof Installation at Furzey Farm, Blandford

The team at Crocker Cladding were recently approached about supplying and installing a roof for a new Dutch barn being built on Furzey Farm in Blandford.

Typically, Dutch barns are used for the storage of hay and straw on farms and agricultural land. This barn was particularly interesting because part of the roof was curved, and part was straight sheets.

The Project Outline

The owners of the farm were having a new Dutch barn being built on their farmland and needed a local company to supply and install a new 600m2 roof for the building.

This project involved us working with the contractors constructing the new barn, Ken Bigg Contractors LTD and needed roofing specialists as the design of the barn required a combination of a flat and curved roof.

In order to complete this project, we needed to work following the architect's specifications and drawings, ensuring that our roof matched the designed style of the building while also fitting the construction perfectly.

We were given tight timelines by the main contractor, which were vital to stick to.

roof installation Blandford before
roof installation in Blandford before
before roof installation Blandford

What We Did

With just six days to complete installation, we got straight to work, supplying the galvanised profiled single skin sheets that were decided upon for this roof.

Prior to erecting the scaffolding, we installed safety nets around the site to ensure the safety of our staff completing the installation and other contractors working around the site.

The installation process was smooth, and we faced no obstacles over the six days we were on-site, allowing us to fit the single skin sheets efficiently and quickly so that the rest of the project could get underway.

roof installation Blandford after
after roof installation Blandford

The End Result

We left the customer incredibly pleased with the work we completed, and the process undertaken.

The roof fitted the new barn to the exact specifications, with the straight and curved elements sitting together without any problems. Moreover, the single skin sheets worked well to complement the style of the barn, ensuring it fit in with the rest of the farm buildings.

We were proud to leave the customer satisfied and have received a contract to work on another new project that will be constructed alongside this Dutch barn later in the year.

roof installation in Blandford after
after roof installation in Blandford

Professional Roof Installations

Crocker Cladding offers a professional roof installation service, working on refurbishing roofs with a replacement or installing a new roof on a new building.

We have knowledge and experience working in a range of industries, which brings a range of building and roof styles to meet a variety of needs.

As part of our roof services, we can remove and dispose of asbestos, meaning should you discover the toxic material in your building, you can keep the removal and refurbishment with one company.

In addition to installing roofs and asbestos removal, we can install external commercial cladding and farm building cladding on walls, metal fire doors and rainscreen systems.

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