Roof Installation at Remedy Oak Golf Club, Wimborne

After a storm caused a tree to fall on the performance studio, the team at Crocker Cladding were asked to replace the damaged roof to stop a leak.

Remedy Oak Golf Club is a prestigious 18-hole golf course located in the countryside on Horton Road, Wimborne. Constructed in 2006, the exclusive club has gone on to be named the 3rd best golf course in the South of England.

The course also includes a performance studio from which a golfing pro works.

A storm led to a tree damaging this performance studio roof, rendering it unsuitable for work as it caused a leak. We were called to remove the damaged roof, perimeter flashings and rainwater goods and replace them so that the golf pro could get back to work in there quickly.

The Project Outline

The fallen tree had cracked the existing roof sheets, causing them to bend and crack, which resulted in the roof leaking.

Additionally, as the building is located on the driving range, the client reported that the current plastic guttering kept smashing when hit by the flying golf balls.

Remedy Oak roof installation before
Remedy Oak roof before replacement
Remedy Oak roof before

What We Did

The project started with a site visit, where one of our experts surveyed the damage to gain an understanding of the work needed. On this site visit, we were also able to get a better understanding of other considerations that would need to be taken into consideration for the design and installation. It was at this stage that the client flagged an issue with the current guttering smashing when hit by golf balls. We also discussed a timeline at this stage.

The first stage of our work consisted of removing the damaged roof sheets and disposing of them. In doing this, we also disposed of the perimeter flashings and rainwater goods.

In order to ensure the safety of our staff and anyone around, we installed perimeter scaffolding around the building and safety nets to the underside of the roof. This prevented injuries should someone fall or drop any of the materials being removed or installed.

Once all of the existing materials had been removed, our experts supplied and fitted a composite insulated roofing system which has a 20-year warranty.

We also supplied and fitted new perimeter flashings with a metal trim line gutter system and new downpipes. With the issue of golf balls smashing the current plastic guttering, we decided to install a metal trimline gutter as this would be more hard-fast and less likely to break when hit by the balls from the driving range.

The timescale for this project was pivotal as we wanted to ensure the golf pro could get back to their workspace as soon as possible. We were pleased to keep the client and golf pro happy as we completed the installation in just two days. We were also thrilled to complete this project within three weeks of our first site visit, demonstrating our quick turnaround times.

roof installation at Remedy Oak Golf Club
Remedy Oak Golf Club roof installation

The End Result

Both the client and golf pro were left incredibly satisfied with our work, resulting in a dry building to work from with a new, well-insulated roof and guttering that won't shatter when hit by golf balls.

The new roof, perimeter flashings and rainwater goods were in keeping with the aesthetic of the building and the rest of the golf course, ensuring that the building still looks cohesive, and no parts stick out against the others.

Remedy Oak roof installation after
Remedy Oak roof after

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