Single Skin Cladding for Four Winds Caravan Park, Woolsbridge

In October 2022, the owners of Four Winds Caravan Park in Woolsbridge tasked us with installing a corrugated metal single skin roof onto one of their on-site buildings.

What We Did

After surveying the building and discussing the owners’ requirements, we decided on using JI 45.333.1000 roof sheets supplied by Joris Ide.

Made of S320 grade steel, JI 45.333.1000 sheets feature a robust trapezoidal single skin profile. We decided to use these sheets because the client wanted to install solar panels in the future, and the JI 45.333.1000 would be strong enough to support their weight without warping.

Before fitting the sheets, we attached felt and timber battens onto the roof decking. The felt would prevent the formation of condensation, reducing the risk of damp and mould, whilst the timber battens were designed to hold the sheets safely in place.

installing felt and timber battens
installing the felt and timber battens

Installing the felt and timber battens

We then installed the sheets themselves, taking care to fit them precisely onto the frame. We added matching ridge and verge flashings to finish the new roof off.

The End Result

single skin cladding Woolsbridge
metal single skin roof

The completed roof

We managed to complete the project within just two days, leaving the caravan park’s owners very happy with the final result.

As you can see from the photos, the new roof added a sleek, modern finish to the building, while effectively protecting its interior against the elements. Thanks to metal cladding’s long lifespan, the roof will continue to look great and function as intended for decades to come.

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