Cladding for Commercial Businesses

Installation & Maintenance on Commercial Building Cladding


At Crocker Cladding, we stock high-quality, durable, and stylish cladding options for commercial properties in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

We provide a full service, handling supply, installation, and maintenance. You'll have peace of mind that all work is being carried out to the highest standard of quality.

Read on to find out more about the cladding we offer, and which type will best suit your building requirements.

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Commercial Cladding


Types of Wall and Roof Cladding


Single skin cladding

Affordable and lightweight, our single skin cladding can be used to lengthen the lifespan of existing roof and walls. It will give your building a fresh, modern face, with more or less insulation depending on the properties of the commercial building.

If you're looking for speed and minimal disruption to your business, single skin and overclad installations are ideal.


Double skin cladding

For next-level insulation and weatherproofing, double skin cladding is the perfect choice.

As the name suggests, it is twice the thickness of single skin cladding. Double skin cladding improves energy efficiency, dampens noise, and protects your building against years of weathering.

Although it takes longer to install than composite systems, it is more affordable. This makes it a fantastic option if time isn't a primary concern.

Commercial Cladding
Industrial Cladding


Composite cladding

Composite cladding is a synthetic alternative to timber. It is similar in appearance, but is even stronger and more durable.

It is quick and easy to install, and is made of low-maintenance materials that need little to no upkeep - the perfect choice for keeping your building looking fresh for decades.

It is usually more expensive than other systems, but its convenience, modernity, and ability to personalise makes it well worth the cost.

Our composite cladding comes ready made to size and colour, designed and manufactured bespoke for your project by our expert team.


Our Commercial Cladding Installation Process


  1. When you get in touch with us, we'll discuss your needs and preferences and offer advice on the best cladding solution for your property.
  2. We'll survey your property, then provide you with an clear, accurate quote for our services. All our prices are totally up-front - no hidden fees guaranteed.
  3. Once you're happy with the quote we've provided, we'll get to work. Our highly trained team will install your cladding carefully and considerately, checking to ensure total coverage and security.
  4. Our cladding is highly durable and low maintenance, but in the unlikely event of a fault, we'll be on the scene to repair it in no time.


Get a Quote on Commercial Cladding in Poole, Bournemouth, and Dorset

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Commercial Cladding FAQs

Cladding is a layer of material that is placed on the outside of a building. It’s designed to increase thermal energy efficiency, improve weather resistance, and give the building a fresh look. Cladding is non-load bearing, meaning it is not integral to the structure itself.

Absolutely - our cladding is suitable for both new and existing builds.

Fully waterproof, our cladding is designed to help protect your building’s exterior from the worst of British weather.

Our cladding is extremely durable, long lasting, and low maintenance. If it does eventually require repairing or replacement, it can be done easily and with minimal hassle.

The exact cost of installing cladding to your building depends on whether you choose single skin, double skin, or composite cladding, as well as the size and width of your building.

To find out how much it would cost to install cladding on your specific building, get in touch using the form to the right, or by calling us at 07954 323335.

We’re happy to discuss the various options available to you, answer any questions you may have, and advise you on which cladding will work best for your requirements.

We install cladding on both commercial and residential buildings. Read through our page on our residential cladding services to learn more.

Crocker Cladding is a family-run business that believes in offering our clients a flexible, honest, and hassle-free service.

Our expert team have carried out hundreds of cladding installations over the years, and are fully accredited with all relevant institutions. Their unbeatable level of expertise will give you peace of mind, knowing your building is in good hands.

No matter how big or small your building is, we will make sure the entire installation process is as simple and straightforward as possible. To get started, get in touch today!