Single Skin Cladding

If you take a look at the outside of your building, you might notice faded colours, chipped brickwork, and an overall tired look.

Over the years, your building is exposed to a lot of damage: rain, wind, snow, UV rays, even insects and plant life. It’s no wonder it all starts to take a toll!

You might worry that you’ll need to invest in costly renovation work to fix it up. Luckily, there’s an easier way - single skin cladding.

Single skin cladding is a layer of lightweight material applied to the outside of your building. It conceals cosmetic damage, protects against further weathering, and gives your building a fresh new face, without the need for a full-on restoration.

At Crocker Cladding, we install a range of low-cost single skin systems for buildings in Poole, Bournemouth, and Dorset. Our high-quality materials and first-class installation service will ensure your building is looking its best in no time.

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What is a Single Skin Cladding System?

A single skin cladding system is a lightweight, affordable method of protecting and refreshing the look of your building. Suitable for both walls and roofs, it consists of pre-coated steel outer sheets rolled to shape.

Single skin cladding is ideal for a wide variety of buildings, particularly warehouses, agricultural sheds, factories, commercial buildings, and outbuildings.


Why Invest in a Single Skin Cladding System?

Single skin systems transform the look of your property while protecting it from further exposure to the elements.


Single skin cladding is among the most affordable cladding options out there. It is made of low-cost, yet durable materials and is quick to install, reducing labour fees. Because it is so low maintenance, you will have to spend very little money on maintenance and repairs.

If keeping a tight budget is your priority, it’s the perfect choice!


Our single skin cladding is made of premium steel that is both lightweight and remarkably strong. It will resist corrosion, water damage, and cracking, and will effectively protect the exterior of your building from decades of wear and tear.

Contemporary Aesthetic

Is the exterior of your building looking sad and worn down? No matter the size or style of your building, a single skin cladding system will cover up cosmetic damage and turn a dated façade into something stylish and modern.


Our Single Skin System Installation Process

Wondering how your new cladding will be put in place? Here is a breakdown of each step in our installation process.

  1. Get in touch online or by calling us on 07954 323335. Our team will discuss your building’s requirements and talk you through all the options available for you.
  2. We will draw up a straightforward and competitively-priced quote for our services.
  3. Once you’re happy with our quote, our engineering team will get to work installing your new cladding system at a time that suits you.
  4. Should any repairs be required, we will be on the scene to carry them out in no time.


Why Choose Crocker Cladding for Your Single Skin System?

Crocker Cladding’s bespoke cladding systems are second to none. We supply and install cladding on a diverse range of buildings, offering a flexible schedule and adapting to your unique requirements.

When installing your cladding, our skilled engineers will be careful to limit any disruption to your life or business, and will always keep you informed of updates. You’ll never have to worry about undue disturbance or being left in the dark.

Although single skin cladding is very low maintenance, there is always a chance it may need minor repair work. Our 25-year guarantee means that should it sustain any damage, we’ll be there to get it back in tip-top shape in no time.


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Single Skin Cladding FAQs

All cladding offers some level of insulation, as it acts as a physical barrier between your building and the outside world. If thermal efficiency is your primary concern, however, you may want to opt for a double skin system instead.

The cost of installing a single skin system onto your property depends on the size and scope of the project. For a more accurate estimate, discuss your building requirements with a member of our expert team.

All of our cladding systems have third-party certification confirming they have been assessed and comply with the requirements of the CWCT Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes.

Thanks to their premium components, our single skin system will typically last 40 years or more. If it does eventually require repairing or replacement, it can be done quick and with minimal hassle.